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Benefits of this Network:

  • Provides easy access to all resources so none is missed by inquiring parties, 
  • Dramatically increases awareness of extent and variety of STEM resources available in the state,  
  • Results in increased enthusiasm for ESTEAM in Vermont, 
  • Results in increased likelihood people will remain in Vermont for education and employment,
  • Provides an efficient way to find needed resources in the state and thus keep our money in Vermont,
  • Eliminates reinvention of the wheel,
  • Identifies genuine gaps in coverage,
  • Identifies appropriate stakeholders,
  • Avoids the need to independently obtain contact information for stakeholders,
  • Provides opportunity for similar stakeholders to pool their resources (efficient networking),
  • Provides a way for networking to lead to support/financing/grants,
  • Enables a pooling of stakeholders to produce a POWERFUL lobbying body,
  • Provides a way for new employees in the state to rapidly learn the resources available.
  • Ensures a guidance counselor/teacher/student/parent would have a one-stop resource to find the program that best fits the unique ESTEAM interests of the student,
  • Schedules competitions so that competitors will not have to choose between two applicable competitions,



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